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Services for Women

"From Protection to Connection"

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Feminine Embodiment is an essential rite of passage for each and every woman - this is her journey home to herself. ​

This journey is beyond the rights and wrongs of the societal beliefs and cultural conditioning we've been led to believe.

This is the dismantling of unhealthy domination & submission, moving from the over identification with our minds and who we think

we should be into the living embodiment of who we are at our essence, and learning how to trust the pulse of our own body wisdom.​

Yoni Relaxation &
Restorative Bodywork

A space for you to learn how to build a quality relationship

with your body, your Yoni & yourself. 

It's a safe place to drop the protective masks and conditioned armour of who you think you should be and discover through different forms of relaxation, who you already are at your core feminine essence. You are personally invited to take the time to get to know your most intimate self in a deliciously empowered and luxurious way. 


Session & Program Types:

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Women Relaxing Yoni Mapping Byron Bay
Women I Bed Tantra Byron Bay
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Building a Relationship
With Yourself

Have you ever felt like you take forever? or that you're not worthy of taking up so much of someone's time? Have you ever had anyone really take the time with you? 

The greatest relationship we ever have is the one we are having with ourselves. Every relationship we engage in, is reflecting back to us the quality of the relationship we are currently having with ourselves. How we are engaging with our body, our emotional body, the depths of our yoni and  our sexual energy sets the tone for how  we create and build relationships with others.

​Wether you are in the maiden, mother, maga or crone life stages, there are fundamental pillars of feminine embodiment teachings that are here to support you in navigating through womanhood.


What Clients Say...

Such a holistic, honouring and incredible experience, facilitated and guided SO authentically, with ABSOLUTE knowing, clarity and embodiment of deep feminine wisdom.I left radiating such a strong, soft sensual light, feeling my creative pulse fully alive within. THANK YOU Eve, you are truly beautiful in every way. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED".

 - Alice, Northern NSW


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Every Session
or Program...

is a combination of many different modalities, honed over years of self and professional practice. Together, we tailor make each session to suit your unique and individual needs & requirements. We work at your own natural pace - which is usually a lot slower than you think!

Some Of Our Sessions May Include:​

* How to listen, hear & trust your own body wisdom​

* Creating alignment between your head, heart, emotions & yoni​

* Unlearning your conditioned sexual responses​

* Creating your own internal safety​

* Gauging & embodying your sexual boundaries & limits

* How to become an empowered receiver​ & a masterful giver

* How to feel more by doing less

* Transforming your numbness, freeze & pain into pleasure​

* Moving your anger & healing emotionally from your past

* Honouring the masculine within and without

* Melting our body armour of shame, guilt & fear

* Learning about your anatomy & your arousal

* Self Pleasure - expanding your capacity for pleasure

* Taming your inner critic & finding your body acceptance

* Deeply nourishing embodiment practices & self care rituals

Womans Torso Tantra Byron Bay


Woman on Beach Tantra Byron Bay
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  • Women who are exhausted from the habitual porn style performance based sex.

  • Women who feel frozen, shut down and disconnected from their bodies and feel shame around their sexuality.

  • Women who have numb genital tissue & have difficulty feeling their Yoni or Eros.

  • Women who are enduring painful and uncomfortable sex symptoms.

  • Women who intrinsically know there's more to sex, but are unsure of what it is that they are missing.

  • Mothers who are in the early childhood stage and want to learn how to navigate and create a more fulfilling sexual connection with their partners.

  • Women navigating their sexuality through the peri menopausal  and menopause stages of their lives.

Woman on beach Tantra Byron Bay

What Clients Say

In my session with Eve Marie, I was met, right where I truly was in my self, held, so beautifully in my initial vulnerability, which then allowed all the stages of my emotional layering to be revealed and peeled back, ever so gently and lovingly. Such care, nurturing and honouring was taken with my physical being, allowing full opening and alignment on all levels, culminating in the most delicious and exquisite connection to my own truth.

 - Katherine, Mullumbimby.


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