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Services for Men

"Letting go of who we think we should be and relaxing into who we are".

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It's time to unplug.

An entirely new world of sexuality unfolds when we move from the over identification of our minds into the wild unknown of our body intelligence. There is a deep sense of restoration and coming home.

We no longer need to hustle, push, force, perform or over extend ourselves. ​


Feel Yourself More.

Enjoy your pleasure & arousal

through a relaxed nervous system.

Session & Program Types:

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Man in sunshine
Man Tantra Massage
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Every coaching program or sexuality bodywork session is created with the utmost of care and reverence for your being.

    Whether your requirements are:

  • Deep Relaxation, Replenishment and Repair

  • Quality Sex & Tantra Education

  • Sexual Health Issues & Challenges

  • Stress Reduction & Overcoming Addictive Patterns

  • Relationship Counselling

What Clients Say...

"Thanks for the continued inspiration & support. I'm very happy that I took the step to make contact with you. You have been an amazing mentor, guide and coach as I continue to build the ideal life for myself. "

- John, Business Owner, Newcastle


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Is tailor made to suit your unique needs and requirements. 

The following session topics are a guideline, designed to give you a sense of what is possible. If you require something different, please let me know.

Relaxation and Self Care


Pelvic release bodywork, Prostate massage, Genital

de-armouring, Receiving your arousal through a relaxed nervous system,  Full body scrub, sauna, spa & massage facilities.

Somatic Sex Education


Tantric, Taoist & Shamanic Sexual Embodiment Practices and attunement, Ejaculation mastery, Creating full body orgasmic experiences,  How to get out of your head and into your body intelligence, How to cultivate sustainable sexuality for yourself and your sexual connections, Self pleasure coaching, Creating your internal safety and learning how to define your sexual boundaries.

Emotional Body and Nervous System Regulation


Learning how to maintain your emotional body in healthy ways so that you are not internalising your emotions or dumping them on others. Opportunities for releasing long held emotions from your body and being.

Relationship Counselling and Coaching


Relating issues & concerns, conflict resolution skills, navigating stress & anxiety in relationship, Upgrading your communication skills.


Women's Sexuality


Understanding how her anatomy and arousal system works,

Why breast massage is the key to unlocking her pleasure potential, Breast massage techniques, How to support her in moving tantric energy through her body, Sexual healing skillset for the embodied man, How to give full body Yoni Massage & Mapping sessions to your beloved.

Man in spa bath
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Over the years, I have seen thousands of male clients and have accumulated a healthy body of knowledge in many areas of men's sexual health. In my experience, the large majority of sexual health challenges that men are presenting, originate more from cultural conditioning, societal pressure and poor

sex education habits, rather than something actually being amiss physically. If you are feeling uncomfortable or anxious about any of the following issues, please reach out and let's get you sorted and back on the right track - pronto;

  • Erectile Fluctuation - Mastering erection challenges

  • Early Ejaculation - Learning how to extend your pleasure time

  • Delayed Ejaculation - Learning how to regulate your tension and let go

  • Hyper sexuality - Learning how to deeply relax and surrender into yourself

  • Frozen sexuality - How to melt and feel yourself again

  • Porn Addiction - How to rewire and reset the ways you experience pleasure

  • Post Prostate Surgery Removal Support - Navigating the physical & emotional changes of your first 12 months

  • Post Vasectomy Support - Navigating the physical & emotional changes of your first 12 months

What Clients Say...

"Amazing. Liberating. Revolutionary.
Thank you so much for your courage, clarity and presence
in going there with me. It's huge and life changing."

- Brian, Byron Bay


Mens Tantra Session Byron Bay

These Sexuality
Bodywork Sessions
Are Great When...

These sessions are for men who are wanting a bit more authentic connection than the heady, addictive style of everyday sensual massages. These sessions can be a great "pattern interrupt". Offering real sensitivity to support you in navigating through life's growth, challenges and change.


This is the place to drop old, outmoded energy that's no longer working for you and refill your

cup with quality, life affirming  juice.

These sessions can be particularly supportive when you're feeling exhausted, disconnected, depressed, stressed, frustrated, grieving, heartbroken or experiencing past trauma and need a hand in finding your way back to yourself.

Man Tantra Massage Byron Bay

"I'm just coming more into myself,
thank you for helping me find me."

James, Mullumbimby

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