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Services for Couples

"Dissolving Your Barriers To Love"

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Step Into Your Sensual Sanctuary

​Imagine getting away for a delicious day or two to the magical beaches or the

rolling green hills of the Byron Bay Hinterland. An opportunity of relaxation and restoration to prioritise and deepen your connection together. 

Build Trust,
Create Safety &
Explore Your Edges

Turn On Your Hearts and Minds to Sensual and

Sexual New Ways of Being With One Another. 


 Session & Program Types:

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Creating A Sanctuary

  • Finding your ease around your sexuality together​.

  • ​Synchronising your erotic language and the way you speak to each other about sex and intimacy.

  • Transforming your intimate issues into your greatest strengths​.

  • Overcoming performance anxiety and melting the places where you feel frozen.

  • Re-establishing and solidifying your connection and desires through reverence and care.

  • Learning more about how your unique erotic bodies tick and can tick together​.

  • Opening up into more spontaneous creativity, fun & light heartedness​.

  • Learning the art of present touch and Tantra Massage - including Breast, Yoni & Lingam Massage.

What Clients Say...

"Last night was the first time we have made love since our retreat with you

and the difference in the way we approached and engaged with each other was palpable. There was so much more freedom present for both of us.


Freedom of expression, freedom from expectations and freedom from habitual touch.Thank you Eve!"

 - J & Y, Gold Coast

What Kind Of Topics Can Be Explored?

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Every Session
or Program...

Embodied Communication Skills: 

Learning How to Talk About Sex Easily, How to Create Trust & Safety, How to Manage Your Emotional Body, Understanding How Holistic Sexual Energy Works, How To Keep Your Desire Alive, Authentic Sharing & Deep Listening, Conscious Conflict Resolution & Repair, Learning Couple's Intimacy Exercises that are fun to practice.

Sexual Challenges:  

Mismatched Libidos, How to keep your eros & desire alive,, Feeling Disconnected, Performance Anxiety, Melting sexual freeze, Dissolving sexual shame & guilt, Genital numbness, Painful sex, Ejaculation mastery, Erectile fluctuation, Porn addiction, Hypersexuality, Moving from sexual shutdown to breakthrough. 

Touch & Embodiment Skills: 

Conscious Touch Skills, Sexual Boundaries, Limits & Consent, Anatomy & Arousal, How to become an empowered receiver, How to become a masterful giver. How to support your partner in moving tantric energy through their body, Tantra Massage, Breast, Genital & Anal Massage.

Playful Couple

Who Are These Sessions & Retreats For?

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  • Couples who want to learn the intimate language and communication skills required to really connect with one another.​

  • Couples who want to get on the same page with each other and transform their sexual challenges into their greatest strengths. ​

  • Any Couple who are experiencing flight, fight or freeze in their bodies or their relationship.​

  • Long term committed couples who are stuck in old patterns and habits and want to break free.​

  • Honeymooners who want to start off on the right foot and set the tone for the years to come.​

  • Couples in early childhood who want to re-connect and bridge into the next stage of a meaningful sex life.​

  • All sexual orientations welcome.

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What Clients Say...

"My husband and I have been seeing Eve regularly, both together and separately for the past 12 months. I can't recommend Eve highly enough. Her gentle, intuitive and powerful energy has provided the platform for our marriage to thrive, as well as enhanced personal growth for us as individuals."

R & Y, Central Coast




All retreats are customised and fine tuned for you, to ensure an extraordinary and transformational experience. Have ideas or requests to make your retreat even more special? Please don't hesitate to suggest or ask. Fill out the client application form, so I can best understand your requirements. These are live out experiences, where you stay in your own choice of local accommodations with facilities and budgets that work for you. The following descriptions are a basic guide to give you a sense. 

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2 Day Relationship Breakthrough Program

Sometimes we get stuck. We have outgrown the ways we have previously been relating. We know we need to change, but we don't know how.

Relationship Breakthrough is an opportunity to move out of old patterns and melt your armour and defences. Open up new conversations between you,  learn the languaging skills required to freely express yourself and practice more fulfilling ways of intimately touching each other. 


With this retreat you will start afresh with care, confidence and empowerment for the next stage of your life - together. Held over 2 days (4 Hours each day) this intensive includes Counselling, Sex Education & Hands On Sexuality Body Work.

This is followed up 2 weeks post retreat with a 90 minute online session to address challenges and further support you in successfully integrating your new skills into daily life. 


2 Day Retreat  with Post Retreat Follow Up  - $1900

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2 or 3 Day
Love & Desire Retreat

This is a sample layout that can be adjusted

to be either a 2 or 3 day retreat.


Day 1. Setting Our Foundations (4 Hours)

Our first day is a deep dive in getting to know each other and building our trust, before we move into Tantric Touch in the days ahead. This is our time to explore your individual needs and your needs as a couple. We will spend our time peeling back the layers through authentic sharing and experiential exercises. This could look like relationship counselling, introducing a new communication skill set, filling in the gaps of your sexual and erotic education, emotional release work and learning the keys to giving and receiving present touch.


Day 2. Honouring Him (4 Hours)

Today is all about honouring the masculine. Our focus will be utilising and practising the skills that we learnt yesterday and bringing those to the body through full body touch. 

This can look many ways and will be lead by honouring his boundaries and desires whilst being fully supported by myself and your partner. This could look like expanding our understanding of areas of men’s sexuality & sexual health, deepening and strengthening his ability to be lead by his body intelligence, learning new approaches and techniques to experience touch through luxurious and intimate body treatments and practices.

Day 3. Honouring Her (4 Hours)

Today is all about honouring the feminine. Our previous 2 days will have deepened our capacity for safety and empowered communication. Our receiver will be able to practice her skills and lead today’s session, honouring her physical and emotional boundaries and desires, whilst being fully supported by myself and your partner. This could look like expanding our understanding of areas of women’s sexuality and deepening her connection to her body and her body wisdom. Exploring new ways of empowered receiving through touch, embodiment and luxurious body treatments and practices.


Follow Up Session 

90 minute online follow up session two weeks post retreat to re-convene, discuss any challenges that may have arose and further solidify your new skills into everyday life.

2 Day Retreat with Post Retreat Follow Up  $1900

3 Day Retreat with Post Retreat Follow Up  $2700

Luxurious & Intimate ~    Inspirational & Meaningful ~      Educational & Expansive ~    Playful & Decadent

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