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About Eve

Eve is a Somatic Sex Educator, Sexological Bodyworker, and Relationship Counsellor

with a passion for holistic sexuality, somatic embodiment, and transformative relationships.


She focuses on empowering individuals to navigate their sexual and relational lives from a place

of deep self-enquiry and awareness. Her approach is about inspiring others to embrace their sexual energy as their greatest teacher and to see every sexual and relational challenge as a pathway to greater self-alignment, self-trust, and self-mastery. 

Eve Glimma Tantra Byron Bay
Eve Marie Glimma Tantra Byron Bay

Hello! It's Lovely To Meet You!


This Dear Lover, is a defining moment in the timeline of your sex life! It’s that pivotal point of change where you are ultimately choosing YOU! It’s that life altering, thousand mile journey that begins at your head with who you think you should be sexually and step by step arrives at the kingdom of your own glorious heart - unraveling the actuality of who you are as a sexual being along the way.


This is undoubtedly a profound and powerful path of personal growth and sexual self discovery and like any truly worthwhile journey we undertake, it calls on the depths of your courage, your self commitment and your willingness to dive deep into the landscape of your innermost self. 


Facing your fears of real intimacy and union within yourself and how you dance your sexual dance with your lovers. Challenging the complexities of the conditioned societal narratives that you’ve unknowingly taken on and uncovering your unique sexual essence and signature.


In this highly transformative process you will develop a solid sense of self, rooted in your self connection and self acceptance. Cultivating a wealth of inner resources, tools and skills along the way that you’ll continually draw upon as you navigate your intimate and sexual connections with authenticity, empowerment and confidence. 

There are many steps in your sexual growth and development, ongoingly unlearning and relearning, as you explore the profound depths of you and reclaim your right to living a life of empowered sexuality. Your rewards are your sexual freedom and liberation, the skills of how to build a sustainable sexual connection, a solid relationship to yourself and the confidence to hold yourself in every sexual encounter. There is no greater person that deserves this quality of holistic sex education - and that person is YOU!

Eve Glimma

It’s my absolute honour to be your guide on this journey.

From my heart to yours...

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Somatic Sex Educators Association of Australia
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