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About Eve

Eve Marie is a Certified Sex Educator, Sexological Bodyworker, Relationship Counsellor, Intimacy & Tantra Coach, Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist. She has spent the past 19 years studying Tantric, Taoist, Shamanic & Conventional Sexuality and Relationship approaches. She offers a welcoming, non judgemental space of sensitive holding for her clients. 


Eve combines a broad range of physical, emotional and psychological embodiment practices, that support her clients to connect to the most alive and authentic versions of themselves. Her Byron Bay Shire practice has been successfully operating for the past 14 years. 

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Eve's Story


My study, my passion, and my work are in the art of relating. Every relationship we have with another being is based on a foundation of our relationship with ourselves. True intimacy, real connection with others, requires us to be able to look honestly and deeply at how we feel.


In order to be capable of intimacy with others, we have to first be willing to look into ourselves. We all have fears and insecurities, pockets of grief and anger. This is all part of being human. We run and hide, distract ourselves and overcompensate. We seek out approval and love from others to fill in the empty places within ourselves. We get locked up in our heads and play out roles with those around us, and this keeps us from being able to really touch and feel our loved ones or our own emotions. 

The way into love, the path of healing, comes through the body and through the acceptance of our pain. One of the most direct paths to intimacy and real connection is through the medium of sexuality. As a Somatic Sex Educator and Bodyworker, I work to connect my clients with their body intelligence, with their sensitivity and their natural and healthy capacity for erotic expression. As an Intimacy Coach I help to bring a depth of honest communication and care into all of my client’s relations.



My journey has taken me into the practices of both traditional and modern neo - Tantra, Taoist, Shamanic and conventional practices of  Sexuality. I support others to release their armour and defences, to become free of the things that block us from feeling, loving, and sharing our truth. From this place, we can step into an unlimited place of beauty, power, freedom and authentic interaction which everyone craves. These energetics form the foundation of self-love and the journey home to self from our heads to our hearts.

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