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FAQS & Guidelines

What You Need To Know For Your Sessions, Programs & Retreats

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  • Where Are You Located?
    Session space is at Ocean Shores, 15 minutes north of Byron Bay, next to Brunswick Heads. Address is given upon booking.
  • How Do I Book A Session?
    For a quick response, sessions are best booked by: Phoning or textting Eve Directly...Please Ph: Mobile 0425 347 477 OR for advanced bookings, being 7 days or more Please Email.... Advanced booking is suggested to secure an appointment. Please Note: I don't answer phone calls listed as Private Numbers.
  • What Is Your Availability?
    I offer session times Monday to Friday. Weekend appointments are sometimes available with advanced booking. The wait time is approximately 3 weeks, so please book ahead to ensure availability.
  • Do You Have Any Accommodation Tips?
    The Byron Bay Shire has plenty of great accommodation options from 5 star resorts to hinterland cabins that suit a variety of needs and budgets. If you require a faster pace, with lots of people and plenty to do, staying in Byron Bay town could work for you. If you require a gentler pace, the hinterland, Brunswick Heads, South Golden Beach, New Brighton & Ocean Shores areas offer a more relaxed pace.
  • How Long Should I Book A Session For?
    Due to the depth & breadth of our face to face sessions, initial sessions for individuals are a minimum of 3 hours in duration. Subsequent sessions can be 2 hours. 2 Hour Introductory sessions are available for couples. Longer 4 & 5 hour sessions, full day sessions and private retreats are available. 90 minute coaching sessions are available online.
  • How Do I Pay?
    I appreciate a $150 (single person) or $250 (couple's session) non-refundable deposit to secure and hold your session time for you. Bank and payment details will be forwarded to you upon booking. The balance in cash is appreciated at the beginning of your session or you can pre-pay the entire amount into my bank account before you arrive. Session Packages & Programs are priced for up front payment before your sessions begin.
  • Can You Offer In-house Sessions at My Resort Accommodation?
    For ease and comfort, preference is always in my session space at Ocean Shores. Occasionally, I may be available to offer visits with advance booking, please feel free to ask. Extra charges will be incurred to cover time and travel.
  • Can I Have An Invoice For Services?
    Yes, Invoices are available upon request.
  • What If I'm Late To My Session?
    Please Arrive on Time. Your privacy is of my utmost concern. Each appointment is spaced & timed with your privacy in mind. Please do not arrive early. If you are late please let me know. All appointments conclude at their scheduled finishing time.
  • What If I Have To Cancel My Session?
    Life happens! If you need to cancel your session for any reason, please give a minimum of 48 hours notice, so that your session time can be filled and we can re-schedule another time for you. Your deposit will be transferred over to your next session. Late cancellations with less than 48 hr notice will forfeit the deposit.
  • What Is Your Refund Policy?
    A non refundable deposit is required to book your session. Your deposit is transferable to another day if more than 48 hrs notice is given. In the event that Eve has to cancel your session and a rescheduling time is not suitable to you, your deposit will be refunded in full. If you have paid in full online and you have to cancel with less than 48 hours notice, you will be refunded less the non refundable deposit.
  • What If I Am Not Ready To Receive Sexuality Bodywork?
    Sexuality bodywork is some of the deepest personal growth work we can undertake. Appropriate enagement and your safety is of utmost importance. Although each of us would like to think we are ready, not everyone is ready to receive sexuality bodywork in their first session. Especially if there is unresolved emotional or sexual trauma present in your sexual history or there are certain embodiment skills that are best integrated before we move into touch. Sometimes the protective armour that we are wearing around our hearts and genitals is dense and it takes several sessions for you to unfold and find the relaxation in your mind and body. Everybodies journey is uniquely different. For some people your most empowered choice could be clothes on sessions first and sexuality bodywork in future sessions. Eve reserves the right to re-direct the session, if intimate touch is not considered to be in your best interest at the time.
  • What Can I Do To Prepare For My Session or Program?
    You are an active, empowered receiver - this means that you are fully participating, creating & responsible for your own experience in your session. I invite you to bring along clear ideas, intentions & goals of what it is you would like to work upon in your session e.g. ~ You may know particular areas where you are feeling stuck or inhibited ~ You may have physical issues that are obstructing your full pleasure ~ There maybe certain skills you are wanting to practice ~ You may have certain edges you would like to explore ~ You may have particular experiences you are wanting to experience, learn or feel. Learning how to express your desires, instigate your personal/sexual boundaries & guide your own erotic development is a valuable part of this learning experience. At the same time, it is important to drop any agendas of how far you think you are going to 'get' in your session to avoid any disapointment. We are working at your body's natural pace, which is usually a lot slower that what the mind thinks, especially if there are mental and emotional blocks held in your body. * Please abstain from tobacco, alcohol or heavy foods for at least 2 hours prior to your appointment. * Please arrive freshly showered or be ready to shower when you arrive. * Please leave yourself unhurried time after your session to integrate and go gently. * Please note this is a Professional Therapeutic service and not a sexual service.
  • What Do I Wear & What Do I Bring To My Session?
    Wear light fitted clothing that you would feel comfortable, both moving or sitting in. Tight jeans can be restricting. Bring you openness, willingness, courage and heart with you!
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