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Sometimes we get stuck. We have outgrown the ways we have previously been relating. We know we need to change, but we don't know how.

Relationship Breakthrough is an opportunity to melt the armour you've been carrying in your relationship. You'll learn the new languaging and embodiment skills to open and reconnect.

Start anew with confidence and empowerment for the next stage of your life - together.

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Evening Talk & Conversation....

It's been a while since we updated and caught up with what's happening in Men's Sexuality and brought it forward into current day reality. This talk offers a fascinating deep dive and expansive viewpoint on Men's Sexuality and Men's Sexual Health. 

What's Happening in Men's Sexuality?
What's Working?
What's New?
Where Are We Going and Evolving To?

Our evening will have lot's of fascinating and juicy info that is lesser known and that you may have not heard of before, pieces of gold that I have been mining from the last 11 years of working with Men, Women & Couples in private session work.
This is very much a session for women also, women who want to get on the same page as their partners, understand, love and support their Men in their sexuality and it's also for women who want to take a deeper look at the masculine aspects of their own sexuality.

Next Dates: Saturday, August 24th, 2019 at Eros Festival, Sydney - 11am to 1pm

Like to have this talk at your location for your conference, group or festival? Please talk to Eve.



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What's Really Going On For Couples?


3 Foundational Steps to Sexual Empowerment


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