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Flying Free From Codependency

Codependency is created when we are expecting our beloved to meet our own needs.

I’m hands down guilty of playing this out in past relationships.

I was focusing on the other person turning up in the particular ways that I wanted them to,

In the ways I thought they “should” be showing up for me and when they didn’t or just plain couldn’t, I dropped into big cycles of complaint, because they weren’t able to “meet me”.

I was so focused on an outside source meeting my needs,

That I completely missed and didn’t see that it’s my job to meet my own needs.

What a juicy revelation 🗝🗝🗝

The power shift that happened in that moment was like the tension from a rubber band unwinding.

Parts of the puzzle re-orientating themselves into a totally new configuration

Oh gawd, that felt so deeply fucking relieving ✨✨✨

The words “right relation” were born for me

Being in right relation to self

Right relation to others

It was quite simply life changing.

I am responsible to meet my own needs.

Wow, that’s a completely new ballpark.

That means Im fully the creator of my life

Keeping the focus on myself

Showing up for myself

That’s another whole dimension to self regulating I can love

And what that means for my beloved

Is that I can just allow him to be himself

In his own way

At his own pace

Doin his own thing

Fuckkkkkk - RESPECT! 💯

I’m not responsible for his needs

Im handing him back his power

For him to meet himself and his own needs

Coming back to self

The pressure is off......

Now asking for support and help lands clear

We can hear each other

Not running all that expectation and entitlement underneath

That noise & distortion has fallen away 🙏🙏🙏

Right relation with myself = right relation with others ❤️❤️❤️

Exploring Your Embodied Pleasure Potential

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Exploring Your Embodied Pleasure Potential

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