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6 Best Books For Women's Sexuality

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Getting To Know Yourself

The greatest relationship we ever have is the one we are having with ourselves.

Every relationship we engage in, is reflecting back to us the quality of the relationship we are having with ourself. Relationships are always giving us real time feedback of where we need to polish and fine tune our internal relationship.

How we are engaging with our body, our emotional body, the depths of our Yoni and our sexual energy sets the tone for how we create and build relationships with others.

Support your 1:1 sexuality embodiment sessions by reading or listening to the following great titles on Women's Sexuality....

Exploring Your Embodied Pleasure Potential

"When our intimate agreements are working our lives flow smoothly - we have more energy, are more passionate, and far more creative."

Amara Charles

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Exploring Your Embodied Pleasure Potential

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