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Tantra byron bay

~ Phone: 0425 347 477 ~

~ TEStimonials And praise ~

My reason for attending the Couples Tantra massage session with Eve was to investigate a ‘deep itch I was unable to scratch’. Apart from being a peak life experience – or perhaps because of it – I feel that the energy generated over the 4 hour time we had together moved through me and reconnected many little loose ends – no doubt those responsible for generating my deep itch.

I was delivered to a powerful and delightful place so very deep within my being. For perhaps the first time in my life I felt seen, acknowledged and

accepted as a whole human being.

Thank you Eve. You are rare.


We had two 4-hour sessions with Eve over a weekend and have no hesitation in saying that as a result our lives and our approach to our relationship have changed significantly for the better, enriched by the insights, options and techniques that we wouldn't otherwise have come across or adopted. Eve is friendly, empathetic, knowledgeable, fun, utterly professional and a joy to be with. We recommend her services absolutely and unconditionally.

S & V

Hi Eve, Hope you are well.

I recently got involved with an amazing girl and the sexual connection has been amazing. Making love was a completely different experience!! We connected and my previous premature ejaculation problem has miraculously disappeared!! Thanks so much.


There are no words, it was timeless, it was before I was born,

I went back lifetimes and something moved.

AO, Therapist, Byron Bay

After struggling with boundaries, communication and assertiveness in previous relationships.... I now feel safe, confident and empowered when involved intimately. The presence, knowledge, trust, kindness and empathy during my session was life changing. Breathing, meditation and body awareness

has become a daily practice.

Very professional and enlightening,

Thank you Eve.

Andrew, South Australia

After some time to reflect upon my sessions with Eve, I can express with heartfelt certainty that she holds the space exquisitely. I felt totally safe and honoured. The sessions themselves were beautiful and healing. I feel blessed to have had them and they have set me nicely on the path to deepening my relationship with my body and self as a sensual, alive woman. I would highly recommend Eve and would certainly book in again when I’m back in the country.

Sophie - Yoga Teacher and Women’s Coach UK

Thank you Eve for your dedication in allowing me to experience myself in a way that bordered on 'spiritual'. I cannot praise enough your ability to connect and provide an environment of trust.

The 'now' has never been so beautiful.

Thank you for helping me find it. Love, and lots of it.

A, IT Consultant, Sydney

Dear Eve,

That was a beautiful session.

I said what I wanted to say in appreciation yesterday - today I would just double it. I felt your skills are integrated at a very deep level of your being. Thank you for putting all of yourself into your own journey - it resonated powerfully with me. Much love,

Brian, Counsellor, Byron Bay

"My Name is Alice, I am a single woman of 50 years.

In my session with Eve, I was met, right where I truly was in my self, held, so beautifully in my initial vunerability, which then allowed all the stages of my emotional layering to be revealed and peeled back, ever so gently and lovingly. 

Such care, nurturing and honouring was taken with my physical being, allowing full opening and alignment on all levels, culminating in the most delicious and exquisite connection to my own truth. Such a holistic, honouring and incredible experience, facilitated and guided SO authentically, with ABSOLUTE knowing, clarity and embodiment of deep femimine wisdom.

I left radiating such a strong, soft sensual light, feeling my creative pulse fully alive within. THANKYOU Eve, you are truly beautiful in every way.


Alice, Melbourne

Hi Eve, I hope you had a lovely weekend. It's Matt here, we had an appointment last Thursday. I wanted to send you an email to say thank you for your time, amazing insight and information as well as your healing hands. You've helped me to understand how to remove my genital shame as well as just simplifying things, whilst somehow showing me how much is still out there to learn and understand! I've felt a real sense of relief and contentment, both physically and emotionally since seeing you. I feel purposeful now too, and I'm ready to follow a new path as things are starting to gain clarity more than they ever had -

I can't thank you enough.

Matt, Brisbane

Every now and then, a person comes along in your life who sees through all your stuff and yet not only accepts you.... but supports you to heal your wounds, by getting you out of your head and into your body.... in working with Eve in an ongoing capacity, my ability to remain in the present moment with myself and my partner's sexual energy has deepened dramatically!

Eve's depth of care, her commitment to holding healing space and her consummate professionalism have allowed me to journey back home and along the way reclaim the 

bliss of my integrated masculine self.

I have the highest respect for Eve and the wonderful work she undertakes with such passion.... and I would highly recommend her to all men who truly wish to experience themselves in their wholeness,

Thank You Eve, so very, very much!

Alan, Healer/Practitioner, UK

Hello and thanks for such a lovely session!

It was awesome!

Thanks soooo much for your loving presence, openess, for where you have come to in your life through all your own work that allows you to share in the open, present way you do. It's a gift.

I have been singing to my body every morning with your little song, whilst I coffee scrub in the shower. It's lots of fun! and I am doing the deep breathing most nights before bed.

I can see subtle changes already in how I approve of my body, less judgement and I feel more slow and tantric when Im with a man. I really want to explore more ways to move energy around in love making, so it's an exciting journey that starts with small steps....thanks for helping me on to the path beautiful Sister! 

Tahlia, Byron Bay

Eve is a tremendous sex coach. She did put all her knowledge and energy to help me in a process of connecting with my own sexual power. I make a lot of gains of what I experienced with the sessions she gives me.

I recommend her.

Jerome, Belgium

Hi Eve, Thanks for a great experience, we went home and had an amazing time - in many areas!

Here's our testimonial ...

"We approached quite nervously the whole concept of Tantric Massage, however we were made to feel comfortable by Eve, with an open smile and a friendly holistic approach. The whole experience turned out to be beyond our expectations, leaving us with a greater connection as a couple, vibrating with energy and keen to continue our tantric journey.

Susie & David, Brisbane

I saw Eve a few months ago.

I have had Tantra before, but something drew me to see Eve. My previous experience was sleazy and I walked away feeling empty and dirty.

Eve's presence was one of healing and calmness. I felt serene over a cup of tea. I have a history of physical trauma and it has taken me this long to process my time with Eve to write it. We started off with stories, talking and crying.....then breathing. Then massage!!! Months later I feel the most mentally and physically healthy I have in years. Our time together was holistic, holy, healing and beautiful. Eve is a true master of her craft and I can not recommend her enough if you are wanting any kind of healing. Mental, emotional, physical or sexual.

I feel renewed and empowered as a gorgeous woman..

Thank you beautiful lady xo

Susan, Brisbane

Eve is truly a master - without the egoic stature or facade that sometimes accompanies that mastery. She is all "open heart" from the moment you walk through the door. Eve aligns directly with spirit - and is a powerful channel of Universal Life Force Energy - listening, directing, deepening - she maintains a warm and unlimited connection throughout the session. It was a blessing and an honour to share this experience with someone who walks the Goddess energy with purity and in service to consciousness. If you've found yourself considering a session with Eve - it's no accident - it is likely to be just what you need.

Nathan, Health Practitioner

Eve was professional and caring throughout the entirety of the session. She is very spiritually enlightened, and practiced in Tantra and was the perfect person to learn from. I highly recommend Eve to anyone on the path of spiritual and sexual enlightenment. I feel much more present in my body and feel that energy blocks have been released. Eve is a gift.

Carla, Gold Coast

Hi Eve.. I just want to thank you for such a beautiful journey I shared with you, from the moment I met with you and for your guidance and your teaching and your beautiful touch.. I was just melting and came away with much more knowledge and happiness...Thankyou xx

Craig, Sydney

I contacted Eve some time ago when I was intrigued by her advertisement. After numerous sessions, I really began to understand how much more depth can be brought to a relationship - both in Understanding and Intimacy.

The untapped energy that everyone has within them - if only they chose to explore the boundaries and experience a powerful spiritual connection - allowing the energy to flow within and between each other.

It can be challenging and inward focused for those of us caught up in the western way, but the rewards are truly worth it when you manage to break through the years of conditioning.

Eve is truly a gifted goddess with incredible perception and depth, with an ability to read your mind that leaves you breathless.

Grahame, Business Owner, Ballina

Eve, I am sure that you receive a lot of positive feedback. Just in case you do not, I would like to let you know how much I enjoyed our session. The sense of peace that it brought and my renewed enthusiasm for breathing is something I cannot truly put into words. You provided me with an introduction to one of life's truly magic experiences for which I am eternally grateful. Good luck and best wishes sweet heart. The world needs many more people like you.

Kind Regards,

Darren, Sydney.

Eve, a real re-present-at-eve of the Divine Feminine, of that beauty, that love and that devotion only but a few have and dare to embody in our confused and misinformed communities.

I have had the fortune to know and receive sessions from Eve for the last seven years. Her ability to be so totally present before, during and after each session has allowed me to learn and be en-trained to deeply trust, that I can also be as present! Ohhh... what a gift!

Each session feels unique, anew and magically crafted, where Eve's communication and touch are perfectly harmonised with my mental, emotional and physical need of that day.

It will never stop to amaze me how courageous and committed Eve is to her masterful work in facilitating our full re-connecting with our bodies from top to toe and our emotions from fear to bliss!

I Love you Eve!

Vigyanam, Byron Bay

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