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Embodied Sex Explained

Conventional sex is about taking action and making something happen. It’s focus is outward and relies on stimuli happening outside of us. Embodied sex is a completely different and complimentary approach, that offers a paradoxical contrast.

In a nutshell, embodied sex is the ability for you to be present to each moment with your inward focused attention AND the ability to meet and self regulate your vibrational sexual energy, either in the extension of your energy outwards or the reception of your energy inwards.

It’s where we surrender the programming, control and dominance of our minds and personalities. Dropping what we think we know about sex and how we think sex should be. Instead, we relax into our bodies and the unknown, inherently trusting our own innate body wisdom as it naturally reveals itself, allowing our sexual energy to move through us and take us on it’s own exploration of the mystery.

Embodied sex is the journey where we really start to unravel our past conditioning, beyond our cultural and societal beliefs about sex and subsequently about life. We get to know ourselves uniquely and individually, where we can better meet our sovereign selves and learn how we naturally tick as a healthy & congruent erotic being.

It’s less and less about who we think we “should” be and in actuality, it’s who we are and will always be beyond the identity, the ego, the masks, the falsehoods and the fantasies.

There is no doubt that this adventure is the road less travelled. It’s the wildest, craziest & messiest personal pilgrimage, turning everything we know about our humanness upon it’s head - literally! The indelible courage and commitment to trust oneself to “go there” and to “let go” into the mystery of the unknowable.

You are unduly forewarned, there will be 100% guaranteed times of meeting your greatest challenges and facing your absolute fears and phobias. Your ego will die to itself many, many times over. You will be brought to your knees and humbled open, witnessed in the fullness of your vulnerability, your shame and your pain.

You will meet the steel of your ego’s resistance. You will call it woo woo bullshit and turn away. Our conditioning is s-t-r-o-n-g, our mind’s domination, so well grooved and cultivated with so much pride throughout the ages and the lineages of our forefathers, BUT nothing stops the quest of freedom of expression and evolution of the human spirit.

Freedom. As precious as the air we breathe. Our personal freedom is the underlying driver of why we relate to power, sex and money in the ways that we do. Every great leader fought vehemently for our freedoms. Freedom is the centrepiece, always at the core of our motivations. Without the freedom to fully express ourselves in the ways that we want to choose for ourselves, we live out just a fraction of our life’s possibility and walk the earth bound by either abundance or the lack of our own choosing.

This is the journey home to self. You will break open into the love that you already are. Each time you feel the realness of what that feels like vibrating in your body, you will know that this is not just a concept. You will feel the expansiveness and spaciousness of freedom, the oneness to all that is, the exquisiteness of the quality of pure embodied pleasure, the absolution of duality and the utter relief that there really is more to all this sex stuff than what we’ve been led to believe.

"There are two forms of courage in this world. One demands that we jump into action with our armour on. The other demands that we strip ourselves bare naked and surrender. Bravery is a curious thing." Jeff Brown

The next question is…… Are you ready? We are at that pivotal moment in the movie where Morpheus is holding the red pill in his right hand and the blue one in his left. Are you ready to leave the confines of the sexual Matrix?

Embodied Sex encompasses and utilises all of our human systems.

  1. The Mind in Presence

  2. The Body In Active Rest

  3. Emotional Body Regulated

  4. Soul As It Is

  5. Connection to the Void/Mystery

Inside us, we have an internal energetic sexual system. It operates within the range of feminine or receptive qualities of subtle power, which are very fine and refined energetics, vibrations and frequencies. For us to access our ability to feel and tune into this level of power, we are asked to acquire the skills of relaxing our arousal and sex.

Wait a moment! Yes, i am saying that the key to accessing the most exquisite, meaningful sex of your life is based in doing nothing? Yes that’s right!

Well, from the outside it can look like next to nothing. If you were to look and see it actually happening, there would be very little to see because embodied sex works internally, rather than externally. On the inside, there’s a lot of things going on in combination together that creates the unlimitedness of embodied sex.

Sexual Relaxation

To feel relaxed embodied presence when we are allowing the subtle sexual energy vibrations to take us, looks like:

  • Omission of excessive mental and physical tension

  • A parasympathetic nervous system at rest

  • Reduction of stress hormones eg. Cortisol & adrenalin

  • Slowing of our heart rate

  • Lowering of blood pressure

  • Smaller and even slight micro movements

  • A slow pace that also includes stillness

In a world obsessed with frenzied growth, commercialism and production, our embodied sexuality is easily glossed over or missed completely as our conventional, conditioned minds are so entrained to look and push for over stimulation and chasing for lineal ideas of sexuality.

Exploring Your Embodied Pleasure Potential

“He Who Thinks

He Is The Doer

Is Also The Sufferer”

Ramana Maharshi

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Exploring Your Embodied Pleasure Potential

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