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Mismatched Libidos - What's Really Going On For Couples?

We would all like to think that the special sexual connection we are having with our beloved will last an entire life time. That the unique chemistry we are experiencing and the degree of desire we have for each other, will be enough to hold us through. That the strength of our connection will meet all relationship challenges and always win out in the end.

3 Steps To Sexual Empowerment

We can thank Harvey Weinstein. 

Let me be clear, by no means am I excusing his sexual predator behavior, on the contrary, but lets be honest, we currently have a world full of unchecked Harvey Weinsteins in both male & female skin suits.

The recent online social media metoo# campaign has created a public sharing phenomenon, giving thousands of victims of sexual abuse a worldwide platform to voice their long held stories and find some sense of healing empowerment in their telling.