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Posted on April 18, 2016 at 11:00 PM

Yum! Inspired by this gorgeous clip i saw today..... https [:/] /vimeo.com/145251635

Felt to share what touch brings to me...


Touch has always been my first language, i love it because it naturally DOESN'T engage my mind.

It's like a breath of the freshest air to me and my outer world can drop and fade....


Its such a clear window that taps into my sweetest presence, my fingertips naturally just know how to

follow your energy and we can speak to each other without story or words.... and then.....


I feel truly honoured to tune into and play with your personal contrasts....from the lightest & softest of

touches to just the right degrees of your dark - sensing you, leading you when and if needed, finding

the unique alchemy of your own pace, pressure, rhythm, breath, sound & energetics....


Melting masks and layers of old armour, some can be pleasure and some can be pain...we traverse

altered states of your embodiment, everything is welcome here... the quality of safety, trust & willingness

we've created together underpin everything... and Im so grateful to witness your connection, awakening

and growing into your own levels of aliveness and release...


Giving touch calls to my sensitivity and care like nothing else ive ever quite known.. receiving touch is

another beautiful story save for another day....





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