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New Article Published in the Byron Shire Echo February 2019

Posted on March 22, 2019 at 6:15 PM

How Did You Get Into Working As A Sex Educator?

My marital sex life was a bit of a shambles! After the regulatory honeymoon stage, my husband and I had no idea how to go any deeper with each other sexually, we just didn’t have the skills. The last 5 years was pretty much sexless, very boring and unfulfilling for both of us. I came out of that relationship thinking “There’s got to more to all of this, than what we are being told” and thus began an unquenchable thirst for studying and researching all things sexual. Here I am 15 years later, working as a Sex Educator and Relationship Counsellor, debunking old societal sexual myths and assisting clients to find a more fulfilling and authentic version of their sexual selves.

What Does Somatic Exactly Mean?

Somatic means through the body, without the influence of the mind. Somatic Sex Education offers individuals the opportunity of learning about their sexuality through connecting to their own bodies.

How Do You Work With People?

I work wholisticaly with men, women and couples in private sessions and 2 & 3 day retreats. Every session or program is tailor made to suit their individual requirements. Sessions unfold at a pace that honours where they are currently at and what they are wanting to achieve for themselves. Sessions include embodiment practices, intimacy exercises, emotional release, sex education, counselling, breath work/meditation, communication skills and sexological bodywork where appropriate.

What is the main issue with Men with Erectile Disfunction?

Medical conditions and physical impairments aside, Erectile Disfunction is largely a byproduct of our archaic conventional sex education model that obviously isn’t working for us. I’ll be discussing this topic in depth during my talk on Men’s Sexuality at the Taste of Love Festival.


Can They Get Erections Without Using Viagra etc?

Viagra is basically botox for the penis. It really isn’t a helpful method to get to the core of the issue and find a long term solution. A man’s age, developmental life stage, his previous and current relationship dynamics and over use of porn stimulation are contributing factors that also need to be taken into consideration. In most cases, Erectile Disfunction is a multi faceted psychological issue which can be easily remedied with a wholistic approach.

What are the stumbling blocks for Men in regards to Intimacy?

Both men and women have been entrained to meet their sexuality from a conventional hot, hard and fast model that is difficult to maintain in a relationship over longer periods of time. Men’s biggest stumbling blocks are:

1. Getting out of their minds and more present in their bodies.

2. Dropping the pressures of societal expectations in sexual performance.

3. Having the communication skills to be able to articulate and negotiate the level of safety they need, so that they are relaxed enough to feel.


Do Men worry about their penis size?

Probably as much as women worry about their breast size. Physical attributes concern all of us and we learn to adapt and become inventive. Great sex isn’t dependant on penis size.


What could a man with a small penis do to increase his confidence?

Big, small, fat, skinny, bendy to the right, bendy to the left - no matter what a man’s physicality, the best way he can increase his confidence is to take some private classes for himself, learn how to get more connected and in touch with his own body first and learn how to utilise and extend his unique energetics and sensitivity.

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