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Sessions For Women 

It's my absolute honour to inspire & motivate women to connect with their sexual power/life force from a place of empowerment. Feminine vitality holds a pivotal point of
self love, self care & heart connection that equates to core personal power, juice & freedom in our relationships, our families, our homes & our careers.

I am a believer that we teach our lovers how we want to be treated, to create that level of reverence with the masculine, firstly we must begin with how we feel about ourselves. Each
private session unfolds at a pace that totally honours you - no matter where you are at.
Some of the topics covered in our sessions may include:
* Releasing Our Body Armour of Shame, Guilt & Fear
* Knowing Your Personal Boundaries & How to Articulate Them
* How To Create Safe Experiences For Yourself
* Claiming Your Pleasure and Expressing Your Present Moment Desires
* Stepping Out of the Perpetrator/Victim Dynamic
* Transforming Numbness & Pain Into Pleasure
* Feeling More and Increasing Your Sensitivity
* Giving Permission For Our Desire
* Getting to Know Our Bodies
* Body Acceptance
* Emoting Healthily
* Practical Techniques in How To Access Personal Power Through Our Connection to Our Sexuality
* Self Pleasure - Opening a Whole New World
* Honouring the Masculine

YOni Mapping, Yoni Massage, TantrA Massage & Tuition ~  (2, 3, 4 & 5 hours)

Truly a very special experience. Tantric Massage engages every aspect of you - your mind, body, emotions, sexuality & spirituality.

Tantric Massage could easily be described as a transformational doorway..... holding just the right keys to unlock the next level of your highest potential.

Each Session begins in discussion of where you are in your relationship with your sexuality, what your motivations are for your sessions and what you may be wanting to learn, experience or feel. 
We expand your understanding of different topics and we may incorporate Meditation & Relaxation Exercises and Breath, Sound, Movement & Intimacy Practices. This is the foundational part of our session, where we are getting to know each other and building trust with each other, before we move into touch. This part of the session gives us a clear idea of where we are going and what our intention is - with touch.

The touch or massage part of the session is deeply nurturing and opening, it may be an opportunity to practise the skills that we have just learnt OR reset your body in the way that you meet your sexuality OR release armour and old emotions.
Depending on what your boundaries are on the day, the Tantric Massage may include Breast Massage, Yoni Massage & Yoni Mapping if that's appropriate to you. Every session is tailor made to suit your individual needs.

For more information about what happens in my Tantric Massage Sessions please visit the About Private Sessions page  and read my Session Guidelines page prior to booking.

Minimum Exchange for Single Sessions: 
$350 - 3 hours
$100 per hour thereafter

Session Packages:
3 X 3 Hour Sessions $900
6 X 3 Hour Sessions $1600

Sexological Bodywork Sessions ~ 2 hours

These sessions offer experiential learning opportunities that consciously access profound ecstatic and erotic states. Sessions include a variety of educational modalities that include, breathwork, conscious movement, touch, erotic massage, pelvic release bodywork, scar tissue remediation and orgasmic yoga coaching. 

Sexological Bodywork supports individuals & couples to learn how to direct their own erotic development, learn about their bodies, sex and sexuality and/or work through sexual issues or concerns.

Sessions are 2 hours in duration. Single Sessions are $300 per session.
Session Packages:
3 X 2 Hour Sessions $800
6 X 2 Hour Sessions $1500

Shades of Pleasure & Arousal Journey ~ 

Sometimes we are like kids in a candy store & we don't know what all the flavours are! This is an exploratory session that traverses a broad range of different types of exquisite touch & applies a variety of sumptuous textures. We build our arousal through soft & light, gradually opening into more enlivening darker shades of the spectrum. It's amazing how a soft blow on the skin or a thwack of a smack can open us and take us to a whole new level of arousal.

Depending on how long you book your session for, we can add in delicious morsels of food to taste, mind altering sounds that reverberate throughout your body.

Minimum Exchange: 
$300 - 2 hours
$100 each hour thereafter

Self Care, Total Indulgence  Journey ~

Feeling a little low on juice? This is a gorgeous experience that will well and truly assist you to top up your tanks. Beginning with a full body scrub with a specially prepared Himalayan Salt, we'll peel back and support you to shed a few layers both mentally and physically. You will then be transported into an infrared sauna, given a specially prepared cleansing drink and time to sit in quiet whilst sweating out old toxins...
A divine spa bath awaits you with a platter of fresh fruit in season, after a deeply relaxing soak you are ready to receive some sacred touch with a full body Tantra Massage.

Minimum Exchange:
$350 - 2 Hours
$450 - 3 Hours

Bath Journey ~ 1 Hour Addition to Any Session

Slip into total relaxation with a 1 hour bath journey prior to your session. Allow all your tension to melt away and find your inner quiet with candle light, sensuous music, soothing scents, delicious juicy fruits & chocolate. Now you are ready for your massage....

Minimum Exchange:
1 hour - $150

Skype or Zoom Sessions ~ (1 Hour Minimum)

Tune in from anywhere in the world! 
Skype/Zoom offers an amazing medium for transformation. It's amazing just how much can be achieved through sound, sight & energy.

Minimum Exchange For Single Session: 
$200 Per Hour
Session Packages:
3 X 1 Hour $500
6 X 1 Hour $900


"My Name is Alice, I am a single woman of 50 years. 

In my session with Eve Glimma, I was met, right where I truly was in my self, held, so beautifully in my initial vunerability, which then allowed all the stages of my emotional layering to be revealed and peeled back, ever so gently and lovingly. 

Such care, nurturing and honouring was taken with my physical being, allowing full opening and alignment on all levels, culminating in the most delicious and exquisite connection to my own truth. Such a holistic, honouring and incredible experience, facilitated and guided SO authentically, with ABSOLUTE knowing, clarity and embodiment of deep feminine wisdom. 

I left radiating such a strong, soft sensual light, feeling my creative pulse fully alive within. THANKYOU Eve, you are truly beautiful in every way. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED".

Alice, Melbourne

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~ Tantric Wisdom ~

"When our intimate agreements are working our lives flow smoothly - we have more energy, are more passionate, and far more creative."

Amara Charles