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Couples Tantra Retreats, Byron Bay, Australia

Introducing couples to Sacred Sexuality & Tantra is truly a privilege & a joy. 
These sessions inspire intimacy & quality connection and deepen the level of trust required to "go to the next level" in your relating.
Each session is hand crafted to address & assist your needs as an individual & as a couple.

Some Benefits:
* Find Your Ease Around Your Sexuality Together
* Re-establish & Solidify Your Connection & Passion
* Learn More About How Your Unique Erotic Bodies Tick & Can Tick Together
* Overcome Performance Anxiety & Melt the Places Where You Feel Frozen
* Synchronise Your Erotic Language and the Way You Speak to Each Other About Sex & Intimacy
* Transform Your Intimate Issues Into Your Greatest Strengths
* Open Up Into More Creativity, Fun & Light Heartedness
* Learn the Art of Tantra Massage & Sacred Touch - including Yoni & Lingam Massage

~ Sex & Intimacy Coaching For Couples ~

Reset & Introduce new levels of relating to your existing relationship.
In this "Clothes On - Talking Only"  session, we learn the foundational aspects of Tantra & Sacred Sexuality. You will learn how to incorporate these teachings and practices into your daily lives to deepen your communication, build trust and create intimacy. This is a great foundation for couples who would like to introduce and begin their Tantric Journey.

Minimum Exchange: 
$300 = 2 Hours

~ Sex & Intimacy Coaching with TantrA Massage ~

Learn together & build your intimacy. This session allows for 1 hour of personalised coaching prior to 2 hours of Hands-On Tantric Bodywork. 

Each partner enjoys 1 hour of 4 handed Tantric Massage touch with Eve guiding & your partner assisting. We work at your own pace, honouring your boundaries & tuning into your individual needs & desires.

This is a beautiful Couples experience designed to enhance your connection & deepen your intimacy whilst learning new skills about sensual & sexual touch & communication.
This may include Yoni Massage, Breast Massage, Lingam Massage or Anal Massage if appropriate for you.

Minimum Exchange For Single Sessions:
$ 500 = 3 Hours
$100 per hour there after

Session Packages:
3 X 3 Hours $1350
6 X 3 Hours $2500

~ Couples Tantra Retreats ~
Full Day Sessions or Sessions Over 2 Days or More

Many Couples visit Byron Bay from Interstate or O/S and like to make the most of their opportunity of working with Eve.

1 Day ~
We can schedule a morning appointment (3 hours), followed by a lunch break
(90 mins)
and conclude with an afternoon appointment (3 Hours).

2 Days or a Weekend ~
You can schedule one appointment (3 hours) and be given take home exercises to complete that evening together and then have your second appointment the next day (3 hours). This configuration allows you practice & integration time, giving you optimum results.

Minimum Exchange:
2 Sessions (6 Hours) $1000 or multiple sessions may attract a discount  - please talk to Eve to design something for you.

~ Skype Sessions ~

Tune in from anywhere in the world! 
Skype offers an amazing medium for transformation. It's amazing just how much can be achieved through sound, sight & energy.

Minimum Exchange For Single Sessions: 
$200 1 Hour
3 X 1 Hour $500
6 X 1 Hour $900


We had two 3-hour sessions with Eve over a weekend and have no hesitation in saying that as a result our lives and our approach to our relationship have changed significantly for the better, enriched by the insights, options and techniques that we wouldn't otherwise have come across or adopted. Eve is friendly, empathetic, knowledgeable, fun, utterly professional and a joy to be with. We recommend her services absolutely and unconditionally.
"Eve's compassion, generosity and understanding filled a void in me that had been empty for a long time. From that place of sincere giving, my partner and I were able to connect in a way we hadn't in years. Eve helped us to better understand each other and helped us to know what it feels like to be heard, seen and understood. 
My partner and I deep down loved each other, however it became very difficult to feel that love and to connect, considering we had a long history of hurt and resentment. Having this Tantric experience with Eve reminded and reinforced that feeling of love for us both. We feel we have new tools to work with and a new passion, gentleness and understanding to bring to our relationship. 
Thank you Eve for opening your home and heart to us."

Bek, Gold Coast
Hi Eve, Thanks for a great experience, we went home and had an amazing time - in many areas! Here's our testimonial  - 

"We approached quite nervously the whole concept of Tantric Massage, however we were made to feel comfortable by Eve, with an open smile and a friendly holistic approach. The whole experience turned out to be beyond our expectations, leaving us with a greater connection as a couple, vibrating with energy and keen to continue our tantric journey."

Susie & David, Brisbane

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