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Eve Marie is a Somatic Sex Educator, Intimacy & Tantra Coach, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist & Counsellor. She has spent the past 15 years studying sacred sexuality and has had a successful practice in Byron Bay & Sydney for the last 10 years. Eve is currently the Global Organiser for ISTA (International School of Temple Arts)

My study, my passion, and my work are in the art of relating. Every relationship we have with another being is based on a foundation of our relationship with ourselves. True intimacy, real connection with others, requires us to be able to look honestly and deeply at how we feel. In order to be capable of intimacy with others, we have to first be willing to look into ourselves. We all have fears and insecurities, pockets of grief and anger. This is all part of being human. We run and hide, distract ourselves and overcompensate. We seek out approval and love from others to fill in the empty places within ourselves. We get locked up in our heads and play out roles with those around us, and this keeps us from being able to really touch and feel our loved ones or our own emotions. Our pain gets in the way of truly feeling Love.

The way into love, the path of healing, comes through the body and through the acceptance of our pain. One of the most direct paths to intimacy and real connection is through the medium of sexuality. As a Somatic Sex Educator, I work to connect my clients with their bodies, with their sensations and their natural and healthy capacity for erotic expression. As an Intimacy Coach I help to bring a depth of honesty and care into all of my client’s relations. My journey has taken me into the practices of Tantra and into the Taoist and Shamanic practices of Sexuality. I support others to release their armour and defenses, to become free of the things that block us from feeling, loving, and sharing our truth. In understanding the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine, we can step into a place of beauty, power, and real interaction which everyone craves. These energies are a part of the core of our beings and form the foundation of self-love. My path is to expand awareness of the healthy sexual energies and of their place in conscious, loving relationships.

Eve is a Professional Member of the:
SSEAA - Somatic Sex Educators Association of Australasia.
ACSB  -  Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers

Eve is a  Trusted Bodyworker - An International Directory for Certified Practitioners of Sexological Bodywork, Tantric Massage and Sex Coaching. www.trustedbodywork.com

All About Eve

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History!

Eve Marie was called to the path of Love from a young age.  She gives these words about her experience:

“As I was growing up, I noticed that compared to others, my sexual energy was very pronounced.  It was something that many people recognised in me straight away, yet something I wasn't able to hide and I didn't quite understand why I had to.  Generally, men were either totally attracted or scared.  Women were threatened and standoffish, often feeling a need to protect their boyfriends or husbands.  

Sexuality was a huge force in my life and I had no idea what it really was, what to do with it or how to channel it.  I experimented for many years, playing out different sexual energies and roles in my relationships with both men and women.  My experiences ran the full spectrum, from totally out there, crazy encounters to the other extreme of total sexual shutdown.  It was my sexual shutdown that symbolized an end to my unconscious ways of sexuality and relating".  

Eve’s journey led her into a study of Conscious Loving and Sacred Sexuality.  She is a student and practitioner of Traditional and Modern Tantra, Yoga, and Shamanism.  

She has also explored both Taoist and Celtic traditions of Sacred Sexuality and the practices used by each of these cultures to honor the self and the sacred nature of intimacy.  

Rather than claiming mastery of these practices in relating, Eve sees herself as a bridge. She lights the way to real and honest sharing, showing others how to go deeper into their truth and share that truth openly with others.  Her work is to bridge the gap between unconscious and conscious sexual experience.  

Eve has continued the divine journey of opening her heart and deepening her experience of self through ongoing study, session work and personal experience.  

She is a remarkable and vibrant woman, attractive, healthy, intelligent, and deeply connected with the roots of her being.  Eve has a heart of gold, an amazing sense of humour, and a passion for juicy aliveness.  In every aspect of her life, from the professional to the personal, she shares her spirit in a way which helps others to discover these same qualities within themselves.  She is an engaging and dedicated woman, driven to deepen her study of Self and her capacity to guide & assist others in every way possible.

Eve was the originator and lead event organiser for the ISTA Australasian Sex and Consciousness Conference in 2011 and 2012 (now named The Taste of Love Festival).  She pioneered a conference format which ensured a world-class lineup of forty local and international Sex Educators, Relationship Coaches, and Tantra Teachers.  Adjunct to the conference was a Youth Program, Parenting Program, a Lovers Masked Ball fundraiser, and a number of week long professional trainings.  

She also raised funds and sponsorship to create an 12 month platform for local youth to explore and express topics on sex, love, and relationships.  

Eve was the founding visionary and creator of The Sydney Tantra Temple in Randwick, Sydney.

Eve has participated in a number of Celtic/Pagan and Toltec/Shamanic ceremonies and sweat lodges, as well as women’s circles, festivals, conferences, and talks.  


* Counselling – Tafe QLD

* Aromatherapy – Endeavour College of Natural Therapies

* Remedial Massage – Endeavour College of Natural Therapies

* Dental Chair Side Assisting – Sydney Dental Hospital


* Certified Sexological Bodyworker - Didi Liebold/Joseph Kramer Zurich, Switzerland

* Sacred Sexual Shamanic  Live-In Apprenticeship with Baba Dez Nichols -  International School of Temple Arts, Sedona, AZ, USA

* Yoga Teacher Training – John Ogilvie & Liz Costigan, Byron Yoga Centre, Byron Bay,  Australia. 200 Hour Certification, Yoga Alliance and YTAA accredited

* Yoga Teacher Training – Chaitanya, Inbound Yoga School, Cuzco, Peru. Astanga and Anusara 200 Hour Certification, YTAA accredited

* The Four Agreements Facilitator Training – Don Miguel Ruiz, Omega Institute New York, USA

* Swedish Massage

* Deep Tissue Massage

* Thai/Burmese Massage

* Intuitive Massage

* Crystal Healing

* Reiki Level I & II

* Rebirthing/Breathwork

* Advanced Diver

Additional Trainings:

* Sacred Sexual Shamanic Experience Level 1, Baba Dez Nichols & Triambika Ma Vive, Sydney 

* Sacred Sexual Shamanic Experience Level 1 - Baba Dez Nichols, Crystal Dawn Morris, Triambika Ma Vive, Sedona USA

* Sacred Sexual Shamanic Experience Level 1 - Baba Dez Nichols & Triambika Ma Vive, Byron Bay (Organiser)

* Sacred Sexual Shamanic Experience Level 1 - Baba Dez Nichols, Robert Silber, Andrew Barnes, Byron Bay (Organiser)

* Sacred Sexual Shamanic Experience Level 1 - Ohad Ezrahi, Dawn Cherie, Chantelle Raven, Byron Bay (Assistant)

* Sacred Sexual Shamanic Experience Level 1 - Bruce Lyon, Stephanie Phillips & Sean O'Faolin, Melbourne (Assistant)

* Sacred Sexual Shamanic Experience Level 1 - Janine McDonald, Elaine Young, Sean O'Faolin, Byron Bay (Assistant)

* Sacred Sexual Shamanic Experience Level 1 - Ohad Ezrahi, Stephanie Phillips, Xavier Bouqillard, Sydney (Assistant & Organiser)

* Sacred Sexual Shamanic Initiation Level 2 - Baba Dez Nichols, Triambika Ma Vive, Deborah Anapol, Byron Bay (Organiser)

* Sacred Sexual Shamanic Initiation Level 2 - Janine McDonald, Rex Mc Cann, Chantelle Raven, Byron Bay (Assistant)

* Sacred Sexual Shamanic Seed Next Generation Level 3  - Bruce Lyon, Baba Dez Nichols, New Zealand

* Sacred Sexual Shamanic Seed Level 3 - Bruce Lyon, Janine McDonald, Ohad Ezrahi, Byron Bay

* Sacred Sexual Shamanic Practitioner Training - Triambika Ma Vive & Raffaello Manacorda, Byron Bay (Organiser)

* Shamanic De-armoring – Kristen Viken & John Kent, Sweet Medicine Path

* Quodoushka I & II – Shamanic Sweet Medicine Teachings

* Sexual Priestess Mentorship – Triambika Ma Vive (Assistant)

* Vaginal and Anal Reflexology with Wayne Clayton

* Energetic Orgasm with Andrew Barnes, Awaken Within Foundation

* Nitiyama Workshops and Private Sessions

* Sacred Art of Stripping – Annetta Luce

* Like a Pro/Wheel of Consent – Betty Martin

* Living Love (David Dieda based) – Assistant to Cynthia Connop and Ernst Dams 

for 2.5 years

* Paul Lowe gatherings & teachings

* Human Design

* Breathwork - Rebirthing

* Ecstatic Dance – Five-Rhythms Dancing, Kundalini Dance, Heart Dance

* Harmonic and Sound Healing

* Psychic Development

* Stand-up Comedy

* Plant Spirit Shamanism

* Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage walk from France through Spain 900 ks

Byron Bay Tantra, Byron Bay, Australia

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~ Tantric Wisdom ~

I love, because my love is not dependent on the object of love, my love is dependant on the state of my being, so whether the other person changes, becomes different, friend turns into a foe, does not matter, because my love was never dependant on the other person.

My love is my state of being. I simply love.