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Sacred Sex Education, Byron Bay, Australia

About Private Sessions

Every session is unique & different, tailor made to suit your individual interests & requirements. Our sessions unfold both in time & energetics at a pace that honours you. 

Usually, sessions begin with creating a sacred space of conscious connection, presence & real intimacy. It is here in the first half of our session that we really lay our foundations.. Introducing new levels of awareness or insight, utilising various techniques, exercises and embodiment practices that set us up beautifully to move into integrating this new information into our bodies. Each Session Consists of Discussion, Meditation/Relaxation, Breath/Sound/Movement & Intimacy Exercises, Sacred Body Touch Massage, Yoni/Lingam/Prostate or Breast Massage if appropriate.

What is Sacred Body Touch Massage?
My touching style is unique. It's a mixture of styles and influences - ancient, traditional & newly created energetics that weave and meld the heart, body, mind & spirit together as a whole entity. With this level of connective energy we are able to build and move sexual energy in a deeply fulfilling, regenerative & expansive way.
With loving, light hearted guidance you will learn practical new skills and hands on experiences in the art of conscious loving and sexual self mastery.

What is Possible?
As Deep as you Desire. Sessions look many ways to different people. With such a wholistic approach, the scope is wide. Ultimately, it's the synergy of where you are in your own energy & what our dynamic in the moment is.
Sessions can be a Divine Tantra Massage & Tuition, Sacred Sexual Education & Exploration, Sacred Sexual Healing or a Sacred Ritual. 

A few examples of session topics could be:

*  Exploring the Tantric Breath
*  Re-Claiming Your Body
*  Awakening Your Ecstatic Body
*  Mapping Your Intimate Body
*  Moving Beyond the Mind 
*  Voicing Your Pleasure
*  The Anatomy of Your Arousal
*  Building Energy, Expanding Pleasure
*  Ejaculatory Control & Mastery
*  Prostate Massage/Yoni Massage/Breast Massage/Lingam Massage
*  Female Ejaculation
*  Shamanic Tools for Emoting Healthily
*  Becoming Multi-Orgasmic
*  Keys to Successful Relating with the Opposite Sex
*  Touching Your Beloved
*  Moving Through Guilt, Shame & Fear
*  The Art of Slow Sex 
*  Manifesting Your Ultimate Desires Through Sexual Intention
*  The Difference Between Feelings & Emotions

Please feel free to discuss anything that you may be interested in learning that has not been mentioned here on this site.

 What Skills May You Take Home?

* A Deeper, More Grounded Connection To Yourself
* Empowerment & Confidence Skills
* How to Connect More Deeply & Integrate the Masculine & 
  Feminine within You
* Ability to Become Present and Available to Another
* Expanded in Your Ability to Give & Receive Pleasure for
   Longer Periods of Time
* Ejaculatory Control & Self Mastery
* Ability to Communicate Your Desires
* Know Your Own Personal Boundaries & Increase Your 
  Sensitivity to Others
* Greater Ability to Enjoy the Journey and Lessen the 
   Addiction to the Destination
* How to Reduce Anxiety & Stress with True Relaxation
* Deep Peace
Sacred Sex Education, Byron Bay, Australia

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~ Tantric Wisdom ~

"In every woman's body is this extraordinary unimaginable power of She who is the woman, the divine woman, behind all her daily thoughts and longings. Every woman on earth is endeavouring to manifest her divine feminine qualities. It is the same for man. Deep inside every man's psyche is the divinely noble principle of Man. It too is endeavouring to manifest, to push up through two thousand years of past into the brain and the senses, and express its divine male qualities." 
Barry Long