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"Every now and then, a person comes along in your life who sees through all your stuff and yet not only accepts you....but supports you to heal your wounds, by getting you out of your head and into your body.... in working with Eve in an ongoing capacity, my ability to remain in the present moment with myself and my partner's sexual energy has deepened dramatically!
Eve's depth of care, her commitment to holding healing space and her consummate professionalism have allowed me to journey back home and along the way reclaim the bliss of my integrated masculine self.
I have the highest respect for Eve and the wonderful work she undertakes with such passion.... and I would highly recommend her to all men who truly wish to experience
themselves in their wholeness,
Thank You Eve, so very, very much!
Alan, Healer/Practitioner, UK

Dear Eve, that was a beautiful session. 
I said what I wanted to say in appreciation yesterday - today I would just double it. I felt your skills are integrated at a very deep level of your being. Thank you for putting all of yourself into your own journey - it resonated powerfully with me. much love,
Brian, Byron Bay NSW

"Im still thinking about my session.....It was sweet,very sexy & nurturing - everything I was looking for. I don't understand why more women don't do it"
Miranda, Mum, Melbourne
Hi Eve, Thanks for a great experience, we went home and had an amazing time - in many areas!
 Here's our testimonial  -
"We approached quite nervously the whole concept of Tantric Massage, however we were made to feel comfortable by Eve, with an open smile and a friendly holistic approach. The whole experience turned out to be beyond our expectations, leaving us with a greater connection as a couple, vibrating with energy and keen to continue our tantric journey."
Susie & David, Brisbane
“This is the best interaction I have had with anybody for quite some time. Thank you!” 
Michael, IT Manager, Gold Coast
"Eve is truly a master - without the egoic stature or facade that sometimes accompanies that mastery. She is all "open heart" from the moment you walk through the door. Eve aligns directly with spirit - and is a powerful channel of Universal Life Force Energy - listening, directing, deepening - she maintains a warm and unlimited connection throughout the session. It was a blessing and an honour to share this experience with someone who walks the Goddess energy with purity and in service to consciousness. If you've found yourself considering a session with Eve - it's no accident -  it is likely to be just what you need."
Nathan, Tantric Practitioner 

Hi Eve.. I just want to thank you for such a beautiful journey I shared with you, from the moment I met with you and for your guidance and your teaching and your beautiful touch.. I was just melting and came away with much more knowledge and happiness...Thankyou xx
Craig, Sydney
“I contacted Eve some time ago when I was intrigued by her advertisement. After numerous sessions, I really began to understand how much more depth can be brought to a relationship - both in Understanding and Intimacy.
The untapped energy that everyone has within them - if only they chose to explore the boundaries and experience a powerful spiritual connection - allowing the energy to flow within and between each other.
It can be challenging and inward focused for those of us caught up in the western way, but the rewards are truly worth it when you manage to break through the years of conditioning.
Eve is truly a gifted goddess with incredible perception and depth, with an ability to read your mind that leaves you breathless.”
              Grahame, Business Owner, Ballina
Just what I needed. I found states of relaxation I haven't found in years!
John, Sales Manager, Melbourne
Eve, I am sure that you receive a lot of positive feedback. Just in case you do not, I would like to let you know how much I enjoyed our session. The sense of peace that it brought and my renewed enthusiasm for breathing is something I cannot truly put into words. You provided me with an introduction to one of life's truly magic experiences for which I am eternally grateful. Good luck and best wishes sweet heart. The world needs many more people like you. Kind Regards,
Darren, Sydney.