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My Invitation to You...
When We Create a Conscious, Clear & Present Intention all becomes sacred.
From this space, conventional sexuality takes a giant leap andtransformsinto sacred sexuality and from here the heart can live a fulfilled and reconciled existence.
Our sexuality is our core energy. 
Humanity has created a weird story around something that is such an integral part of our everyday lives.
As a result, we have a lot of unhealthy and life depleting energy awaiting transformation.
It is a pivotal point in our lives when we make that choice to go deeper, toreclaim our powerand embody our sexuality in a healthy, whole & empowering way.
I will even go as far to say that, that personal choice is evolutionary - an evolutionary leap for humanity - like a pebble in a pond, rippling out, opening up all areas of your life, allowing you to live fully and to lead by example to others & our children.
Can you answer Yes to each of the following statements?
* I am totally present & deeply connected to myself and my lover during our foreplay and sexual activity
* I can clearly discuss my sexual desires with my lover
* I can clearly instruct my lover how I like to be pleasured
* I can clearly voice my pleasure
* I am able to allow myself to fully receive without making     it about the other person
* I do not have to hide any aspect of my sexuality from my 
* I feel comfortable with my sexuality, am free of feelings  pain, guilt, shame, fear, condemnation & embarrassment
* Every experience of sensual touch doesn't have to finish in sex
* Every sexual experience doesn't have to finish in ejaculation.
* My sex life is continually opening up and expanding
* I live an exciting, sustainable & deeply fulfilling sexual life
If you answered no to any of those questions, I extend an invitation for you to join me on a profound journey of your sacred sexual awakening.
This is a space where exploring your sexuality & intimate nature in all its facets is the focus. Connecting you back to your own life force, heart & medicine is the intention. Out of this world energy experiences, sensational sensuality, celebration & playful discovery exist in a delicious Heart, Body & Mind fulfillment.
Looking forward to meeting you on the
Tantric Path,
Much Love

" Begin your journey here -
it is the destination"

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