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Dear Eve,
Ive been without a lover for many moons now and during this time have been learning how to recycle my energy with an out come of no out-cum.... while breathing in and down through a full belly, I then shoot my energy up my spine via my PC pump to the top of my head... yet when i practice by masturbating, I still find I'm ejaculating and am uncertain where it is going wrong...as I can feel the circuit the subtle energy is making, your advise, please!?

Hi Mateus,
Firstly, keep it simple - go for a simpler breath. The mind can get caught up on too many details. Use the "complete breath" With this breath, practice your self loving (masturbating) and build your energy towards ejaculation and then let the energy subside, play with expanding and contracting your energy up and down in this way (peaking & valleying). Always stop a few strokes shorter than necessary. Parallel to this, do your PC pumps as a separate exercise. Once you've mastered this then move onto the more complicated breath work you have described.
Let me know how it works for you, Regards, Eve

"The Complete Breath"
Get comfortable in a position with a straight spine. Take a few gentle breaths and return to your centre.  Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Inhale through your nose, expand the breath into your chest all the way to the tops of your collarbones, open into your lungs, fill the lungs fully and then open into the abdomen, fill the tummy - exhale fully. Repeat & Continue.
If you feel any resistance from your mind, breathe deeper in response.
As you get into the flow with this breath, begin to increase your awareness of your breath in your body.

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